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Keep online speech FREE by donating to Brighteon is a free speech video platform that hosts many of the most important documentaries, videos and channels that are banned across the tech giants such as YouTube and Facebook.

Unlike YouTube and other platforms, Brighteon does not spy on users and doesn’t sell data to the NSA or any intelligence agency (we don’t even collect such data, so we have no data to sell to anyone).

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You watch videos... we don't watch you.

Brighteon allows users to upload, share and embed video content on almost any subject with relatively few restrictions (no porn, no depictions of extreme violence, no personal stalking, etc.).

We need your financial help to stay online and stay free (see below).

$5.00 $10.00 $25.00 $50.00 $100.00

As the tech giants are now aggressively demonetizing and de-platforming all content and channels that question the status quo on the coronavirus pandemic, vaccine safety or the engineering of biological weapons (among other topics), an increasing number of users and content creators are turning to Brighteon to host and protect video content that’s vital for human health and freedom.

The “Plandemic” documentary, for example, featuring Dr. Judy Mikovits warning about the dangers of a coronavirus vaccine, has been banned virtually everywhere on the ‘net. In a shocking example of digital book burning, Google is even surreptitiously deleting movie files from private Google Drive storage areas.

It makes us wonder: If the words of Dr. Judy Mikovits are so insane and irrational, why would the entire corporate-controlled media and Big Tech industry be working so hard to delete or blacklist every instance of the documentary? (Always watch the documentaries “they” don’t allow you to watch. You’ll learn fascinating things…)

Thanks to the extreme censorship now being demonstrated by the tech giants, you are not allowed to see anything unless the techno-fascists allow you to see it. The dystopian future of Orwellian censorship and thought control has arrived, and it’s being run by Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo and other criminal techno-fascists who are all controlled by communist China and its anti-human agenda.

Only Brighteon stands out as a truly independent, pro-human video platform that respects your right to speak, learn and share knowledge that’s vital for human survival.

Keep online speech FREE


$5.00 $10.00 $25.00 $50.00 $100.00

We need your help to keep Brighteon running

The huge popularity of videos and documentaries that are banned on other platforms results in millions of people viewing Brighteon videos each month. These video views are delivered free of charge to viewers but require us to foot the bill for video bandwidth.

Over millions of views, the bandwidth cost adds up, and it is currently the No. 1 expense for We also have substantial R&D costs, infrastructure hosting costs as well as video transcoding and storage costs.

Currently, Brighteon is operating in the red and is being subsidized by With your financial help, we can help cover video delivery costs and pay the engineers who build and maintain

Note that we do not run pre-roll video ads or interstitial (interruption) ads during your videos. Your videos play without interruption or advertising overlays, maximizing the user experience.

Our goal is to get Brighteon to break even so that it remains financially sustainable for the long term. We also hope to expand our R&D efforts to build new features into Brighteon, such as in-house transcoding, live streaming and real-time messaging capabilities.

The only way we can accomplish all this is with your financial support. Please consider making a donation to Brighteon by clicking the “DONATE NOW” button below. Donations are not tax deductible under U.S. law but they earn you good karma.

With your financial support, we will continue to make the online destination for videos and documentaries that are banned elsewhere (because they contain too much truth, usually).

Spread the word about Brighteon, too. Create your own channel and post your own videos. You can also embed videos in your own web pages.

Thank you for your support as we continue to build the world’s best free speech video platform that is NOT controlled by the evil techno-fascist corporations that despise freedom.

Mike Adams

Keep online speech FREE


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